Prescription (Rx) Carrier and Connector System




Revision's Prescription (Rx) Carriers are a slim, lightweight, cross-compatible carriers, with a secure connector, for a wide range of single vision prescriptions.

A soldier's vision must be accurate in order for them to do their job accurately. Over 30% of soldiers require corrective lenses to improve their eyesight, but wearing traditional eyewear under protective eyewear is not the optimal solution. The Revision Rx Carrier presents a rugged, convenient solution that works. It is designed to fit Revision's full line of military products, including the Sawfly Spectacle System, StingerHawk Spectacle System, or Desert Locust Goggle Systems, this is an effective, efficient way to handle vision correction while providing high impact ocular protection.

More Details:


  • RUGGED - Carrier frame built for strength and durability
  • FIELD-OF-VIEW - Wide field-of-view. Carrier frame color does not distract or inhibit vision
  • PRESCRIPTION READY - Optician inserts personalized prescription lenses. We recommend polycarbonate and other high-impact material for lenses. Accommodates prescriptions up to �11D
  • INTERCHANGEABLE - One size carrier fits the Sawfly & StingerHawk Spectacles, or Desert Locust Goggles
  • CONVENIENT - Secure "press fit" insertion positions corrective lenses optimally
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