SHADOWSTRIKE Ballistic Sunglasses U.S. Military



The ShadowStrike Tactical Ballistic Sunglasses are elite anti-fog ballistic sunglasses built from the ground up to U.S. military protection standards.

ShadowStrike Sunglasses have a sharp, geometrical wraparound design that provides unobstructed field-of-vision and ballistic protection for fast-paced tactical, special ops, and military operations. Angular frames and a tighter curvature give this line a distinctive look while maximizing protection-fitting squarely, securely, and comfortably at all times. With optical-grade, polycarbonate lenses, ShadowStrike sunglasses provide the impact resistance Revision eyewear is known for, exceeding U.S. military eyewear ballistic requirements. ShadowStrike sunglasses feature a novel nosepiece mechanism that makes changing out the dual lenses quick and easy. And, this eyewear provides ultraviolet protection and has Revision's OcuMax coating, preventing the close-fit sunglasses from fogging in the heat of the mission.

Kit Includes: Clear and Smoke Lenses, Frame with Adjustable Strap, Microfiber Pouch, 2-Lens Pouch, Microfiber Cloth, Case, Anti-Fog Cloth.


  • INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES - Easy-to-change high-impact lenses offer the ultimate defense against changing light conditions
  • SUPERIOR BALLISTICS - High-impact polycarbonate lenses exceed military ballistic impact requirements for spectacles and goggles
  • ANTI-FOG - OcuMax is proven to be the #1 anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating in the world; also resists wide variety of chemicals, including DEET
  • FLAWLESS OPTICS - Precision manufactured lenses ensure distortion-free vision and anti-fog performance
  • UV PROTECTION - 100% protection from harmful UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays DESIGN - streamlined ergonomic design provides comfort for all
  • RUGGED DURABILITY - Eye protection that lasts, performs and protects through all the rigors of combat
  • FIELD-OF-VIEW - Compact, low profile design with unrestricted field-of-view fits comfortably for a variety of missions.


  • MIL-PRF-32432A clause Ballistic framentation characteristics Class 1 spectacles
  • ANSI Z87.1-2015 clause 6 Impact-Rated Protector Requirements (Z87+)
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