About Us

Ranger Joe's has been in business since 1963, serving the military and law enforcement communities of our great nation.

Mr. Voorhees and his father, Jack, started in 1963 with meager beginnings on Broadway in Columbus. Ranger Joe’s International has grown under his leadership with one store in Hinesville, a worldwide distribution center, and two stores in Columbus. He gives credit for his successes to his wife, Janice, to his loyal employees, and his faithful customers.

Selfless Sacrifice” describes Mr. Paul Voorhees. His compassion for children and the disadvantaged is legendary in the Valley Rescue Mission and in Columbus, Georgia. Paul is a licensed, ordained minister. In 1978 and 1979, Mr. Voorhees traveled to South America to help build churches. Paul visited the troops during Thanksgiving in 2003, at his own expense to Amman, Jordan, and Baghdad, Iraq, to minister to the troops holding two prayer meetings per day during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He returned to Kuwait in 2007 for National Prayer Week as a guest of 3rd Army and the Chaplain CPA and ministered to the troops and wounded soldiers.

He served on the National Staff, Royal Rangers, Assemblies of God, from 1967 to 1985. Paul serves on the board of directors, National Infantry Association, is a member of AUSA, a charter member, chaplain’s division, Georgia Sheriff’s Association, and is a chaplain and reserve deputy in Harris County. Mr. Voorhees is the chaplain of the Worldwide Army Ranger, Inc. and of the Antioch VFD.

Paul is truly a friend to the Airborne, Special Forces, and Rangers. He helps sponsor the Best Ranger Competition and the Army Sniper Competition. Paul has always shown concern for the quality of life of soldiers and their families. In the past, he designed and had items manufactured that Soldiers needed. He sent items to Rangers in Vietnam, at cost. He has earned the Commander’s Award for public service and the St. Maurice Medal. He has been a partner-in-education, Stowers Elementary School, Fort Benning, received a proclamation by the Mayor of Columbus, Georgia, and many other community citations.

Mr. Voorhees was selected as “Small Business Giant, 2003” by the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, is an honorary member of the Ranger Training Brigade, and consistently donates to the Ranger Memorial Foundation.

Brigadier General Freakley honored Mr. Voorhees for his service and generosity during the past forty years to soldiers.

Mr. E. Paul Voorhees has upheld “the prestige and honor of Army Rangers,” “never failed his comrades,” and has “shouldered his share, 100% and then some!” Paul is a brilliant example of what U.S. Army Rangers epitomize-“excellence in leadership; excellence in performance of duties; and, excellence of character!”