KIA Bracelet - Custom (Single)



Allow 5-10 business days for delivery.

Remember your friends and loved ones with these custom engraved bracelets. Up to 2 lines and 36 characters per line.
Flag on one side and your choice of distinctive military emblem on the other side (see choices below).

We do not process requests for custom items containing profanity.

Distinctive Military Emblem Choices:

  • 1st Cav
  • 1st ID
  • 3rd ID
  • 4th ID
  • 25th ID
  • 34th ID
  • 48th BDE-GA National Guard
  • 82nd AB
  • 101st AB
  • ACO 172nd Infantry Crest
  • Airforce
  • Armor
  • Basic Jump Wings
  • Cav Cross Swords
  • Cross
  • Eagle
  • Engineer Castle
  • Fallen Soldier
  • Field Artillery
  • Infantry Rifles
  • Medical Corps
  • Mountain Tab
  • MP Badge
  • MP Cross Pistols
  • Ordnance Corps
  • Ranger Tab
  • Sapper Tab
  • Sniper Tab
  • Special Forces Crest
  • Special Forces Patch
  • Star of David
  • Support Our Troops Ribbon
  • U.S. Flag
  • USMC Emblem
  • 75th Ranger Crest
  • 75th Infantry Scroll
  • 1st BN Scroll
  • 2nd BN Scroll
  • 3rd BN Scroll
  • 2nd ID
  • 173rd Abn
  • 1st Armor

    Type exactly how you want the bracelet to read and select the military emblem above.

    1st line - Rank, First Name, Last Name
    2nd line - Unit, Date Killed in Action, Location.

    Black. Single.

    When ordering bracelets in multiples of 5 with the same information on all bracelets please use item #A1190. The price is lower per bracelet.
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